The Staying Power of Organic Friendships

People treat online platonic relationships the same way they do romantic ones

My biggest issue with trying to make friends online is that so many people ignore someone who isn’t perfect. I don’t know about you, but none of my friends are perfect, and I don’t go into a platonic relationship looking for the same personality traits or even the same number of boxes checked that I do with friendships.

The bar for organic friendships is lower because it’s harder or ruder to blow them off

If you met someone in person first, and they asked you to hang out again, would you ghost them? Probably not. If you gave them your contact info, it’s probably because you wanted to be contacted again. There is some kind of natural inclination to continue seeing people we first met in person.

they must be happy because they didn’t meet online

What you have in common is obvious immediately

Two of my close friends were people I met because of ferrets. My older friend and I met possibly on craigslist back in 2007 or so. I don’t really remember how we met. She had ferrets, and so did I. She was an anal-retentive neat freak who smoked cigarettes and weed (neither of which were anything I’ve ever done, nor would I date someone who did), but we liked each other and enjoyed hanging out.

Do we all just hate people from the internet?

A thought just occurred to me. I am a pretty compassionate person when I’m not reading an article or social media post about a buffoon who made dumb decisions. If I read about someone who got something stuck in their butt, I’d laugh and call them an idiot. If someone I work with did that, I’d gasp and ask if I could help them with anything. I bet I can sew a hemorrhoid pillow in about an hour. Let me ease your suffering, friend I know in the flesh.



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Pixie Green

Pixie Green


I’m that one friend you have who you know you can count on to be blunt, honest, and give it to you straight. We’ll figure this shit out together.