10 Super Fun, Cheap Hobbies You Should Start Today

#1 Sewing with thrifted fabric

I’ll start you right off with a winner. This is my favorite thing to do besides reading library books. I have been sewing for a very long time, and I recently became interested in sewing doll clothes. I thought it would be a fun and less wasteful way to learn how to sew clothes.

thread is so cheap that sewers are encouraged to use a lot

#2 Hiking

When we lived in the Midwest, Mr. Green and I loved hiking. We haven’t really tried it out here yet. Too many rattlesnakes. Hiking is one of those hobbies that can cost a fortune depending on how you do it. I’m not talking about thru hiking here, which is when you hike a very long trail for several days or months at a time. That hobby can set you back several hundred dollars or more.

#3 Volunteering at an animal shelter

Volunteering is free, and it’s one of those things people don’t consider when they think of their hobbies. Certainly, depending on how involved you are with the charity, volunteering might be more of a heartache than a hobby. We have all heard sad stories of shelter pets, and that damn Sarah McLachlan song still moves us to tears. You know the one.

#4 Membership passes to museums and zoos

Some large employers offer membership discounts for other businesses to their employees. Mr. Green works for a large university system here, and he has access to a few zoo and museum discounts. Even without this employee benefit, many zoos, museums, and aquariums offer member discounts.

#5 Scoping out garage sales and estate sales

When my mom visits us, she likes to go to estate sales. As far as I know, this isn’t something she does when she’s hanging out in her hometown on the weekends. She just does it when she travels. Going to garage sales or estate sales aren’t just a way to score on inexpensive household items.

#6 Yoga

I started doing yoga around the same time the pandemic started. I remember going to my yoga studio one day and being met with a locked door. No sign. Students weren’t notified of the closure. It was before all non-essential businesses were required to close, and we were still being told we only needed to be six feet away from everyone, unmasked, so I didn’t think there was any danger in taking a class in person. I guess the yoga studio assumed their students would feel differently and decided not to notify them of the closure.

#7 Martial arts

My husband used to train in Japanese swordsmanship called mugai ruy iaido. He did this for probably close to 20 years now. I know he had been doing it for a long time before we met, and we have been together almost seven years. He used to train in iaido (pronounced like ee-eye-doh) at his local dojo twice a week with his sensei.

studying martial arts is cheap and rewarding

#8 Indoor archery

Mr. Green is also a skilled archer. In Chicago, the only archery range available to him was outdoors, so he didn’t participate in the winter. He paid $75 per year for this membership. Here in Arizona, there are indoor archery ranges, and the one closest to us costs $50 per year.

#9 Knot tying

When I asked Mr. Green for guy-type hobbies for this article, he replied, “Guys love knot tying.” Okay, fellas, this one’s for you.

#10 Making booze at home

This last recommendation is the most expensive, but it might actually save you a lot of money. Remember when people were into home brewing? Well, now’s the time to get into it again. If you enjoy buying beer and drinking regularly, then making your own beer at home could save half of your average booze budget.



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